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Davin Orde - Owner/Operator

The business owner, Davin Orde, began his craftsmanship 13 years ago. This industry requires a man of unique and developed talent in the art of carpentry. Through his work experiences, Davins portfolio illustrates his creative abilities with an innovative vision for producing one-of-a-kind homes. It is clear that intricate detail and quality in the finished product is his standard. Under the mentorship of his father’s established timber frame business, Davin has prevailed in his trade and is ambitious to further develop his knowledge and share his experience with his clients.

His professional affiliation with Normerica, has resulted in a cooperative effort to produce some of Canada’s most profound/monumental timber frame homes. Contributing to homes built throughout Ontario, with an emphasis in the Kawarthas & Great Muskokas, as well as Virginia and Saskatchewan, Davin has an extensive rapport with an impressive network in North America. Davin acknowledges and supports the increasing demand for environmentally friendly and energy efficient homes through his network for such necessary projects.

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